The Wingliner system – a patented, hydraulic opening system for trucks. It combines robustness with flexibility, reliability with comfort. And it's fast too: it opens every truck in 10 seconds at the touch of a button.

We construct each structure individually in order to respond specifically to the wishes of our customers.
Quick & Easy.
The simple handling via remote control enables the side wall to be opened in seconds.
Theft? Protected!
The hydraulic locking makes manual opening from the outside impossible.
Permanently present.
The advertising space is always clearly visible – even when the side wall is open.
Stay dry!
Simply turn the side wall to 90° for a protective roof when loading and unloading.
Every load is safe.
The Wingliner system is compatible with all common load securing systems and is Code XL certified.
Sealed tight.
Continuous sealing strips protect the load from environmental influences. Even temperature-controlled trucks are no problem.

You just have to love classics – like our best-selling model. The Classic can be opened in seconds, saving a lot of time and annoying handling of the tarpaulin or panel curtain. Since 1996 it has been in use in a wide variety of climate zones and regions worldwide, for example as a transporter for beverages, wood, chemicals or cars.

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As the fastest in its class, the Wingliner Trailer impresses with efficient and rapid load securing, which means that it is ready to go within a very short time. The elegantly designed space miracle can also be assembled for all heights and is burglar-proof thanks to modern anti-theft protection.

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The urban jungle is no problem for the nimble and agile Wingliner City. Its lightweight construction with aluminum motors or electric motors makes it compact, flexible and snappy – important characteristics that make it the preferred partner for online mail-order companies. In addition, it attracts everyone's attention as a "mobile sales area"

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Always by your one-man fleet’s side: the Wingliner Sideloader. The dream come true of all beverage suppliers enables clear and easy order picking – even directly at the customer's premises. The Sideloader offers a full-length side loading lift – as standard! One of many reasons why an investment pays off within a very short time.

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Open Top

While in some cases going topless can cause traffic jams, in this case they are avoided – thanks to the quick handling of loading and unloading directly from above. Building material and window dealers, as well as city traffic planners, are particularly big fans of our convertible because it handles crane loading with ease.

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The off-road solution for professionals is one of our top sellers. Its robustness and reliability is needed and valued in all climate zones of the world – from Australia to Iceland and Scandinavia to Brazil. He does not freeze in the cold and does not run out of breath in the heat. The built-in center support makes the "Duo" extremely durable. The different temperature zones in the loading area enable optimal transport options – even in rough weather.

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More information on request.


More information on request.

The Control

The control – via app or traditionally with the remote control saves energy and time – and keeps your hands clean for customer contact.


Remote Control


Lorrygram® a unique system that integrates large Ultra HD displays into the side walls while maintaining the full functionality of the truck.

The System



What dimensions are Wingliners available in?

Wingliners can be made to any specification - any width, height, or length.


How many Wingliner kits fit in a 40ft container?

Five to six pieces – depending on the length.


How often do Wingliner kits need to be serviced?

Once a year all moving parts should be visually inspected and the hydraulic oil should be changed.


Can I use any hydraulic oil?

No, the original Wingliner hydraulic oil should be used as it contains special ingredients that ensure the sealing of the rotating motors.


Are Wingliner kits available worldwide?

Yes, we ship all over the world – without exception.


How quickly can Wingliner kits be installed?

In a typical manufacturing facility, it takes 60 man hours to assemble a Wingliner kit.

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