(A) Internal usable load length
= (D) Overall external length minus 145 mm

(B) Loading height rear/side
= (F) Overall external height minus (C) upper edge floor minus 160 mm/56 mm (opt.)

(H) Loading width from the rear
= (G) Overall external width minus 115 mm

(I) Overall external height with opened side wall
= (F) Overall external height plus 60 mm

(E) Loading length from the side
= (D) Overall external length minus 290 mm


Wingliner Assembly and Repair Manual

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Can you make Wingliners in any length, height, and width?

Yes they can be built to any specifications.

How often do you have to service Wingliner kits?

Once a year you should check all of the moving parts visually and change the hydraulic oil.

Can I use any hydraulic oil?

No, you should use the original Wingliner hydraulic oil because it has special ingredients to save the sealing of the rotating motors.

Are Wingliner kits available all over the world?

Yes, we ship worldwide, no exception!

How long does it take to mount a Wingliner kit?

In a normal sized production facility it would take 60 working hours to mount a Wingliner kit.

Is there any help available to mount our first Wingliner?

Actually we do have very good manuals to mount a kit but upon request we can offer the service of mounting and training workers all over the world.


Wingliner GmbH is an innovative kit manufacturer based in Austria.

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