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Wingliner GmbH is an innovative truck body kit manufacturer based in Austria. We manufacture easy to assemble, state-of-the-art components and automated truck body kits. For over 20 years we have created customized kits for every type of delivery company around the world.

Wingliner has grown significantly over the last years. In order to expand our network even further, we are also looking for dealers and service partners to distribute our products.
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Wingliner’s truck body kits are a fully automated and customizable alternative to classic delivery truck bodies.

Our technology offers the most efficient user experience for drivers, which enables them to execute their deliveries faster and safer.

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Success Stories

More than 50 percent of the complete truck fleet in Iceland is Wingliner. The rough conditions with windy and cold weather proved, that Wingliner is the best solution to transport fish quickly from the ship to the factories, or distribute all kind of beverages or goods in Iceland. It's the only body which works under these conditions and this for more than 18 years.

Gestur GustafssonVagnar & Þjónusta, Island

It doesn't matter if you want to transport furniture like RONA or Homedepot, wood distribution, beer or other beverages. In that moment a driver gets this tool, he is in love - it's the driver's choice. Here in Canada and Northamerica, it is hard to get good drivers. With Wingliner in your fleet, you keep them.

Jim KranendonCEO Curtainsider Inc, Canada

We are now 17 years exclusive licensees of Wingliner in Australia and New Zealand. We have never regretted the decision to buy the Wingliner technology, because part of our success story is being technology leader in the trailer-industry in our country. Wingliner has always attracted the clients. Even, when at the end not everybody bought a Wingliner, the clients stayed and bought other products from us. This made us the biggest privately owned trailerbuilder in our country. It's the driver's and logistic guy's choice.

Mick and Paul VawdreyOwners of Vawdrey Australia

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